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Total Commander (TC) is one of my most favorite tools used for years. It is much more like a file manager and with its plugins it is nearly an unbeatable application for many purposes (e.g. FTP, SSH, eMail, multimedia viewer, cd burner and many, many more features). I often thought about writing my own plugins for special purposes, but my knowledge of the programming language C is a little poor. Because Java is my favorite programming language and there are many libraries around the Internet to create powerful plugins, i decided to create a bridge between the C Interface of TC and Java.

From now on the Idea was born to build a Library (DLL) with the platform dependant C code and call Java (platform independant) Code in a JAR file to realize the plugin.

This is called a Total Commander Java Plugin Interface.

It consists of a DLL and an additional configuration file (INI) to call specific Java plugins (pointed to by a Java class). The DLL serves as the Total Commander plugin file that can be chosen for any plugin type (WLX,WFX,WCX,WDX). This is the native code of the interface. The Java plugin itself is platform independant and can consist of one ore more Java libraries (JAR) contained in the plugins installation folder. Additionally all JAR files, that are shared by all plugins, are located in the Total Commander Installation directory (in the sub-directory javalib). These are for example debug libraries, SWT and others.


You must have installed JRE (tested with JRE 1.5 and 1.6).

Simply open the archives in the Total Commander and follow the instructions. If the installation is complete restart Total Commander. Thats all folks!

If you installed several plugins on the same file extension, you can change plugin loading order with Total Commanders configuration/settings/plugins dialogue.


The Chainsaw  utility of enables you to debug your Java plugin code. Switch to Zero-Conf and watch the commons-logging statements while the plugin executes.


The first test should be Hello World.

So, download the archive, install the plugin and (never forget) restart Total Commander.

Then open the lister window on the test file (press F3 or Control+Q).

You can now view the test window with the Hello World Java plugin.


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